Household Products

    SunSmile® Herbal Toothpaste


    Tastes so clean and fresh! There are no chemicals in the Sunrider toothpaste. All natural with a very pleasant minty taste.
    Many dentists in our area have had very good results.
    They are buying and offering it to the patients.

    SunSmile® Fruit & Vegetable Rinse



    There really is no product equal to SunSmile Fruit & Vegetable Rinse. Sunrider is using naturally derived ingredients to clean fruit and vegetables of herbicides, pesticides, fungicides, dirt, waxy coatings, oily substances and other undesirable substances. The primary cleansing agent is decyl polyglucose, a biodegradable surfactant derived from corn starch and coconut oil. Made from all natural ingredients (based on high amounts of oxygen) and is used to:

    • Clean fruits and vegetables

    • Clean meats and fish

    • Rinse away pesticides

    • Remove waxy coatings

    • Disinfect kitchens and bathrooms

    • Get rid of slugs in the garden

    • Spray plants

    • Get rid of ants

    SunBright® Household SuperClean™


    SunBright® Household SuperClean™ is an amazing phosphate-free, biodegradable and environmentally-friendly multi-purpose cleaner for dishes, laundry, ovens, woodwork, vinyl or tile floors, cars, carpets, glass, mirrors, and even stain removal. It is non-abrasive, non-corrosive and uniquely formulated with a slightly acidic pH to clean without damaging things. It deodorizes with natural oils and herbal extracts and leaves behind a fresh, clean scent. SunBright® Household SuperClean™ is highly concentrated, so a fraction of the amount recommended by other cleaners gets the job done. You can use .17 fl. oz./5 mL (about a teaspoon) to:

    • Wash a dishwasher load of dishes

    • Mop floors, clean tile, wood and vinyl, or wash the car when mixed with water

    • Shampoo small areas of carpet when mixed with water in a spray bottle

    • Clean glass when mixed with water in a spray bottle

    • Remove stains by pre-treating the area for 10 minutes, rubbing it and rinsing it with water. Rub, rinse and repeat if necessary.

    • Remove carpet spots by letting the concentrated formula act for 10 minutes, and then wiping vigorously with damp cloth or sponge. Rub, rinse and repeat if necessary.

    SunBright® Laundry SuperClean™


    SunBright® Laundry SuperClean™ is a phosphate-free, biodegradable, and environmentally-friendly way to get clean fresh-smelling clothes! It is a superior, super-concentrated alternative to other brands that is very cost effective because it doesn't contain any fillers. It is so concentrated that just half a capful does a regular load of laundry. This gentle formula has a slightly acidic pH to clean your clothes without damaging them, so it's safe for almost all washable fabrics and colors.
    We love the smell and feel of the clothes washed in SunBright® SuperClean!!! When you'll try it ones you'll never go back to other brands.