Danielle Martinez – Before & After

Danielle Martinez, Amiah Munoz and David Munoz

Danielle Martinez, Amiah Munoz and David Munoz - After

My Story

I was among those…

“who didn’t know I didn’t know.”
As I began to study the body and nutrition it was a breath of fresh air. The more I learned the more I
wanted to know. I was blessed with the introduction of the most knowledgeable and experienced mentors in HEALTH.

I realize now I was cleansing through cold like symptoms extremely often. This started in grade school and continued in my adult years. I was nicknamed “Rudolph” from my irritated nose and tissue box I took everywhere. If someone sneezed in the office I was sick the following day. It seemed a vicious cycle. Then my Angel walked in, welcomed me into her care. For the first time ever I had amazingly delicious fresh juice. It contained a whole apple, orange, ginger, and radish. This started my insatiable quest for information. Why aren’t we taught how to eat and support the body?

I was led to principles that apply to all aspects of living. Nourishing the body and cleansing brings balance, which resonates life with out dis-ease. Our bodies seek to constantly repair itself, REGENERATE. My mentors would clearly explain topics such as weight loss, diabetes, cancer, issues with the colon, and why the nutrients are missing from our everyday foods. They conveyed a clear understanding of how to boost the immune system and increase energy. They provided brilliant ways to take care of the environment and how to create the income to support myself through my own journey to wellness.

The confirmation occurred as my brother reversed his diabetes, achieved his ideal body weight, no longer needed dialysis, avoided amputation, regained the use of a gangrene leg, healed his ulcers, and rid him of numerous medications. My mother also regained her girlish figure. At the same time I removed excess pounds and cold symptoms are now rare. I’m sleeping better, my skin has improved, and news of my first pregnancy was revealed when I also changed my eating lifestyle. I was fortunate to have a natural home birth with no pain, no complications, nor saggy skin or stretch marks.

My family and I know this is the best way to live. A mother’s dream realized, knowing my daughter will grow up with the best foundation to live a life without dis-ease. The application of true principles with food of the highest quality supports all functions of the body creating and maintaining HEALTH.

David Munoz & Danielle Martinez - Before

David Munoz & Danielle Martinez - Before


Danielle Martinez, Amiah Munoz and David Munoz