Making The Switch

I’m 54, and when I found this program in May of 1998, my life changed so fast.

At age 17, I was reading books on nutrition. I became fascinated with the idea of living a long life at a high energy level.

But, being very rebellious and having an addictive personality led me to experiment with drugs & alcohol, and I became dependent on those for years. I wanted the energy, adventure, and fun in life; but I found myself caught in a downward spiral of addiction, all the while continuing to read books about health and nutrition.

Sandy Phillips - January 2005

Over the years I experimented with so many alternatives; lots of diets vitamins, juicing, fasting, body work, medicinal herbs, homeopathy, colonics, energy work, aroma therapy, hypnosis, cleansing, and more. Some of these things were valuable, some weren’t, and some of them had bad side effects.

I had always thought of myself as healthy, although I had colon problems and migraine headaches most of my life

Now we skip ahead 30 years. I’d been sober for about 15 years, and I was still trying lots of different alternatives. I had gained about 60 pounds, been struggling with chronic fatigue for several years, developed allergies, sinus problems, arthritis, reoccurring bladder & kidney infections, a walnut sized lump in my breast & was dependent on medicinal herbs for my colon problems, which were by now really bad.

Even though I knew better, I found myself eating SAD (Standard American Diet) and relying on stimulants like caffeine, sugar, salt, etc. to keep going. I would sneak off whenever possible and lie down for an hour or two, and then wake up just as tired as before. I was picking up fast food for dinner because I was too tired to fix good food. I knew I was in trouble: I couldn’t stop working, one of the kids had special needs, we had animals, and a big house.

It was getting harder to function. My goals in life were reduced to paying the bills and getting through the day. I remember thinking “If I’m going to get well I’ll have to clean up my diet.” I had tried many times but it was too hard, I needed those stimulants to function. I spent lots of time and money on doctors, naturopaths and therapies with little results.

So I talked to my higher power and said something like “OK, now what do I do?” Well, they say ask and you shall receive! Sure enough, a couple of weeks later a friend of mine introduced me to Carrie, my wonderful sponsor. She invited me to a meeting where I was introduced to the philosophy of regeneration and these herbal foods from China. As soon as I heard the information I knew that was my answer. It was so simple and made so much sense. I didn’t want to spend the time going to classes, but she wanted me to go so I did and sure enough, I found out there was a lot more to making the switch from western thinking to eastern thinking. I also found a big group of people just like me who have tried everything.

At first nothing much happened for a few days and then I started to cleanse. After the cleanse my craving for unhealthy things started going away, my energy increased, the allergies left within a month, my colon started to heal, and I felt a sense of well being I had never known. Every month was better than the last, my body was healing at a steady pace.

It’s been 7 years now and each year gets better, far beyond all my expectation. I like to tell people that this is not a “quick fix”, it’s a “permanent fix”. The wight is still slowly leaving, I am never hungry, and I have more energy than I ever did. And all those problem things on the list; I haven’t thought about them for years!

I know now that I would never have htese great results if not for the valuable education and support I received. I will be eternally grateful to these dedicated and caring people. I encourage everyone to participate as much as they can. It takes courage, commitment and patience to make life style changes. The nice thing about this program is that cravings disappear and the energy comes back quickly, and that makes it easy.

As a recovering addict, I can really see why the relapse rate is so high when people’s bodies are depleted. Being fully nourished and feeling great brings to mind the words ‘success’, ‘freedom’, ‘gratitude’, and I have found what I was looking for; the energy, adventure, and fun in life, and I have lots of goals.