Nourish • Cleanse • Balance

There are Six Distinct Qualities that make Sunrider Foods uniquely superior to anything on the market today or for that matter in the past 20 years.

1. LIVE ENZYME FOODS- The “LIFE FORCE” in live foods has been preserved providing the basic tools for regeneration on a cellular level. Sunrider foods provide some of the highest nutrition available.

2. WHOLE FOODS are nutritionally intact a prerequisite for regeneration. Vitamins and minerals that are isolated from their whole food structure, can at best meet a deficiency, not enough for regeneration.

3. FOOD GRADE HERBS are of the most potent regenerative foods we can obtain. These are often confused with medicinal herbs which primarily control or substitute for a weakened body. Food grade herbs fortify healing, vitality and life.

4. HIGHLY CONCENTRATED FOODS – 4 to 7 pounds of food grade herbs are powerfully concentrated down to 1 pound (with some foods as much as 30 lbs. to 1 pound) through a proprietary extraction of the nectar of the herbs. Both the oil and water soluble nutrients are retained in a whole food state while the indigestible bulk is eliminated. Due to this high concentration, the foods are most effective for regeneration. Sunriders, one-of-a-kind processing assures maximum assimilation (like pre-digested food). Absorbing high nourishment without overeating makes Sunrider a tremendous bargain. Sunriders high concentration,  7 times stronger than most other herbal foods on the market.

5. EFFECTIVE COMBINATIONS – Sunrider herbs are EFFECTIVELY COMBINED feeding all 5 systems of  the body to achieve balance within the body. Sunrider foods feed these 5 systems rather than just trying to treat a specific illness or to chase the symptoms.

6. ENHANCMENT – 5000 years of Chinese wisdom. Each ingredient is uniquely prepared bringing out each foods own unique and superior qualities while discarding the foods weaknesses.  Sunrider’s  propriatary ENHANCEMENT truly makes each exclusively prepared food  impossible to copy.

We believe that for every need a body has, there is a food provided with the vital properties to feed those needs. In the year 2009 it’s hard to find a home that doesn’t have some form of health challenge. We hope you find these foods the blessing that they are, as they have been to millions for over 25 years in over 40 countries!

The “basic” foods contain over 70 food grade herbs, which nourish, balance and cleanse the bodies 5 systems helping the body to achieve balance.  Their combinations are based upon ancient Chinese herbal experience and formulas combined with leading technological methods.

There is a lot of talk about products like Juice Plus, Vibe, & different juices.  These products are all from “whole foods.”  After putting a carrot thru a juicer, it is still considered a whole food  because you have not taken it apart nutritionally.  With juicing the only thing that has changed is the bulk is separated from the juice making it much easier to absorb the nutrients in a concentrated form.  So what’s the difference between these companies’ products and Sunriders herbal foods?

There are a number of things that are different…

With Sunrider:

1)  The herbs life force is activated when water is added. SR foods are like a seed. When water is added, the foods live enzymes are awakened. Just drying an herb does not preserve its life… Preserving “life force” is a highly sophisticated process that Dr. Chen invented which is highly copied but never matched.  Sunrider products shelf life is extensive.

2)  Sunrider foods are not “juiced!” foods. Juiced foods only separate juice from the bulk and only retaings the water soluble nutrients.  The Sunrider process involves extracted which keeps the oil and water soluble nutrients intact.  Sunriders Evergreen, compares with Barley Green (juiced) 11 to 3 on the vitality scale. Barley Green is a very good product, yet inferior to Evergreen.

3)  The proprietary combinations are highly significantnot just a lot of wonderful vegetable and fruits combined:.

Each herb is prepared in a manner that brings out the greatest benefits possible in that herb.

Dr. Chen an international expert on herbs knows the benefits & weakness’ of each herb, combining them in such a manner that 4 important factors are present in each Sunrider food combination.

The 4 parts are as follows:

a) Dr. Chen uses primary herbs for specific functions (ie. to nourish the immune system)

b) He adds minister herbs that enhance the benefits of the primary herbs, highlighting the best qualities in the primary herbs.

c) Chen adds negating herbs that cause the bodies concentrated weakness to gently pass thru the body without causing a reaction. Every plant has weakness’, when concentrated, you have concentrated weaknesses.

d) Finally he adds carrier herbs making sure nourishment gets to the most effective parts of the body.

Again, Sunrider foods are not just a combination of many individual plant foods… All combinations are specific.

4.  SR foods are not foods like most vegetables and fruits. SR foods are food grade herbs that have a greater nutritional content than our fruits and vegetables.

5.  Sunrider is powerfully regenerative. Most other products will have great testimonies because most people are so depleted that adding any amount of nourishment will bring results, but if you notice, most of these other products only meet deficiencies, but SR is truly regenerative…that is why after years and years of eating these foods Sunriders are still getting stronger and younger inside and still overcoming challenges, not just meeting deficiencies.

6.  These foods help the body achieve balance which is a most significant quality. If you were to ask any of these other companies if you could live entirely on their product and bring your body into “balance” and maintain high quality life, no other company can do that.  That is the ultimate test…with SR, you could live on the Basics-the (foundational foods) and bring yourself to “balance, health, beauty, and wealth.”

Using ancient Chinese expertise, each individual ingredient is prepared in such a manner bringing out its unique, superior qualities while negating weaknesses. Sunrider’s ENHANCEMENT truly makes each prepared food very exclusive and not able to be copied.

Sunrider Foods Are Unique

There are many reasons to use Sunrider products. For some, better health or more energy is desired. Whatever the reason, everyone feels the benefit and regenerative effect of Sunrider’s whole foods. More so now than ever, the whole foods that Sunrider offers are needed to keep our bodies healthy. There seem to be more people claiming that they have products “just like Sunrider”. On the box it may look like something good, but it is what is on the inside that counts. For the past 20 years, Sunrider has been at the forefront of the herbal food industry, producing and selling products far superior to any other. The reason Sunrider is still the best buy for your money is the concentration.  Four to thirty pound of herbs go into one-half to one pound of finished products.  All of the products are nutrtitionally balancaed.

The Sunrider Philosophy Regeneration

Regeneration is the one overriding principle that is behind all of Sunriders foods and products. Everything is made with this philosophy in mindthat of regenerating life within our bodies. It is giving life at the cellular level so those cells that have over 600 functions can regenerate or become stronger and stronger, rather than degenerate and become weaker and weaker. Every year 89% of our body is new! The question is whether your body will be stronger or weaker one year from now? That depends on what kind of foods we are giving our body – regenerative or degenerative foods. Sunrider foods are regenerative! They give life to the body so that it is able to overcome its own weaknesses and health challenges naturally, creating abundant vitality. Our food should be our medicine!

A truly good physician first finds out the cause of the illness, and having found that, he then tries to cure it by food. Only when food fails, does he also prescribe medication.

-San Ssu-mo, Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.)

Regeneration is truly the only way to successfully overcome health challenges and weaknesses naturally, thereby gaining a new level of health and vitality never thought possible.

The Philosophy of Regeneration

Is Your Body Regenerating or Degenerating?  A Regenerating Body Experiences:

Energy and Strength

  • Vitality
  • Endurance
  • Cleansing
  • Natural Slenderness
  • A Sense of Well Being
  • Emotional Stability
  • Ability to Overcome Addictions
  • Feeling Rested in the Morning
  • Good Skin Tone
  • Good Muscle Tone
  • Regular Menstrual Cycles
  • Quick Recuperation
  • Clear Thinking
  • Good Digestion and Elimination

A Degenerating Body Experiences:

  • Tiredness Fertility Problems
  • Depression PMS
  • Overweight or Underweight Problems Poor Muscle Tone
  • Emotional Disorders Fluid Retention
  • Digestive Problems (Gas, Bloating Tendency toward Infections, Colds, Flu, Diarrhea, Constipation) Skin and Hair Problems
  • High Cholesterol Premature Aging
  • Poor Concentration Slow Metabolism

A healthy body has the ability to manage itself if properly nourished. Proper nutrition from whole foods will produce remarkable changes-good health, an abundance of energy, and natural slenderness. If you have any doubts, just eat consistently Sunrider foods for 100 days and see for yourself. Good health-oh, what a great  feeling!

Regeneration vs. Substitution

Nearly 2200 years ago during a turbulent period in Chinese history known as the Warring States Period, the concepts of regeneration were almost lost. Instead of eating herbal foods to promote health, the Chinese found herbs to use as poultices and cures to treat wounds, injuries and disease. This approach, also known as “substitution”, focused on treating symptoms, rather than promoting wellness. Medicinal herbs became widely used, and are what we typically recognize today as herbs.

Three Categories of Herbs:

1. Food Grade - Also known as Kingly herbs, these are herbs that can be eaten on a daily basis for the rest of your life without any negative effects. Food grade herbs are nourishing and balancing, rather than having a controlling effect on the body.

2. Medicinal - Medicinal herbs, like drugs, force the body to do something that it is unable to do on its own. They should be monitored by a qualified practitioner because of their conflicting and non-harmonizing effect on the body’s own natural processes. These herbs should only be used for a short period of time or they will become ineffective, and can cause undesirable side effects. Many of these herbs are used in today’s popular health, fitness, and weight loss products.

3. Poisonous - This includes poisonous herbs and plants that can be harmful or lethal whenever ingested.  When the body is fed Sunrider’s concentrated, food-grade herbal formulations, regeneration can occur at the cellular level. When the cells have the fuel to regenerate, the body can begin the process of healing naturally.

Sunrider is the largest herbal nutrition manufacturer in the world producing unique and concentrated food grade formulations. Sunrider is the only company of its kind with a pharmaceutical license from the California FDA. It was established in 1982. It is doing business in over 40 countries with millions of consumers worldwide, and is doing close to $1 billion in annual sales without commercial advertising. Sunrider owns over one million square feet of state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities in California, China (2) Taiwan, and Singapore. Sunrider owns their
$45 million world headquarters that resides on 9 acres of land in Torrance, California.

Nourish, Balance and Cleanse:

A. NuPlus - The Key to Unlock the Door to Excellent Health

Sunrider NuPlus

NuPlus is Energy for the cells! It is a combination of 12 powerful whole food herbs that give phenomenal nourishment to the cells. Packed full of valuable micronutrients, powerful antioxidants, and high-powered fuel, the cells have the tools needed to regenerate. This is not a powdered protein isolate with rice syrups, added isolated vitamins and minerals, or chemicals and preservatives.

Rather, it is 65% carbohydrates (complex carbohydrates that give proper fuel), 20% very absorbable protein (supplying the amino acids our body needs for tissue building and repair), 15% fatty acids, and a rich source of vitamins and minerals in whole food form. By eating NuPlus, many find that their cravings and need for snacks soon disappear. They are satisfied sooner, with less overeating, because the cells are being nourished. We have more energy and we start overcoming our health challenges because our cells have the fuel they need.  NuPlus is a delicious powdered food that can easily be mixed into smoothies, milk shakes, pure juice, or even eaten out of the package.

B. Calli - No Ordinary Tea - Cellular Cleansing

A delicious 7 herb beverage that nourishes the bodys ability to cleanse the toxins out of the cells and tissues that have been stored there (sometimes for years), as well as the new toxins the body has to deal with on a daily basis. These toxins greatly weaken our bodies creating health challenges. Some of these toxins can be excess mucous, heavy metals, radiation, nicotine, caffeine, chemotherapy residue, drugs, pesticides, chemicals, preservatives, uric acid, drinking water impurities, fermentation and putrefaction from a negative diet, left over problems from past illnesses, and unwanted fat and cholesterol. With Calli, think Clean blood! Mental clarity! Clean cells!

We start drinking Calli fairly weak because Calli is so powerful we do not want to overload the body with toxins being poured into the blood stream faster than they can pass through the regular channels of elimination

(1 tea bag to 12-16 cups water and increase in concentration for gentle cleansing). Steep only 5 min. (So you dont pick up the weaknesses in the herbs.) Discard the bag after one steeping; better yet, give it to your plants or your animals! Most people find this replaces the desire and need for coffee, cokes, soda drinks and sugary juices; in return, people notice more mental clarity and calm energy, overcoming of health challenges, and often weight loss, if needed. The coffeemaker becomes a great Callimaker! (For Calli/Delight, simply place Sunectar or SunnyDew, along with 1 Fortune Delight packet, in the pot and your Calli bag in the basket.) Calli is so powerful. Drink this delicious beverage all day long to strengthen the body’s ability to naturally cleanse the cells and the blood.

C. Fortune Delight - A Delicious Instant Beverage

Our 2nd excellent cleansing beverage focuses primarily on the digestive system. It is very beneficial for moving out fat, cholesterol, and other digestive impurities along with fungus, parasites etc.  It’s a great choice for antioxidants, is loaded with chlorophyll, nourishes the natural digestive process.  It is very hydrating and great for balancing the electrolytes.  Mix one or more packages in 2 quarts of water, or add to Calli for Calli Delight.

D. SunnyDew or Sunectar - 30xs sweeter than Sugar - Yet Extremely Nourishing

Anti-bacterial! Anti-fungal and Anti-tooth decay! Stevia combined with Chrysanthemum flower makes everything taste extra good, and gives extra nourishment for the digestive system. Mix with your NuPlus, Calli, Fortune Delight, or anything else. A great addition to your kitchen! Also, used topically, it makes a great first aid kit! Nourishes the pancreas, which produces insulin and digestive enzymes.  It contains stevia leaf-extract known to regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, improve fat metabolism and, despite its sweet taste, does not promote tooth decay.

E. Quinary - 49 Foods that Nourish the Body

49 concentrated, unique herbs that nourish the life-support systems “the work horses” of the body: Immune, Endocrine, Digestive, Respiratory, and Circulatory. The combinations are very carefully selected to bring life to those systems rather than substituting for weaknesses…Regeneration vs. Substitution! With whole food nourishment, the body “knows” how to correct its own weaknesses, bringing balance and health to the entire body.

Balance - The five systems

Balance - The five systems

Quinary nourishes the organs in these systems to bring balance within the body. Individual formulas that nourish the individual systems may be added and eaten separately, or can be eaten all together in Quinary


1. Steep 1 Calli bag in 2 to 16 cups (up to 1 gallon, if necessary) of hot purified water (coffee maker works great) for 3 to 5 minutes. As you experience greater health, begin to increase the strength of your Calli. Fortune Delight dissolves best in a small amount of hot water or your Calli-maker. Add Sunny Dew to enhance taste. Drink these hot or cold throughout your day. Do not boil or microwave to reheat.

2. In your 16-ounce Sunrider shaker-bottle filled with water, add 1 packet of Fortune Delight, and SunnyDew to taste. Drink during meals to provide the body with enzymes that will encourage greater efficiency in the digestion and assimilation of your food. Fortune Delight can also be a refreshing beverage in between meals throughout your day.

3. In your 16-ounce Sunrider shaker-bottle (using 100% fruit juice, almond milk or water), add 1 packet NuPlus, one packet Quinary,
one banana and two squishes of Sunny Dew.

When your body is fed the right combination of foods, it has the ability to balance itself.

It is important to understand and interpret the symptoms and changes that follow the beginning of a better nutritional program.

When the food you ingest is of higher quality than the tissues from which the body is made, the body discards the lower quality tissues, to make room for the higher quality materials to make HEALTHIER tissue. This process of regeneration creates symptoms that are often misinterpreted during the first 10 days to several weeks. The symptoms are part of the HEALING process and are NOT deficiencies. These symptoms are constructive even though unpleasant at the moment.

Symptoms can include headaches, colds, depression, fatigue/sluggishness, fever/chills, constipation, skin eruptions, etc. The symptoms will be milder and pass more quickly if one gets more rest and sleep.

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